They say the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, something folks in North Carolina know well.


So when it came to connecting all that is great about the Old North State with modern, fiber-optic broadband technology, the founding communities of what eventually became NC Hearts Gigabit knew the best way to do it was by breaking bread.


In late 2012, Wilson, North Carolina, the first “Gigabit City” in the state, organized a lunch meeting with thirty other communities to discuss how to get more fiber – optics, that is – and connect North Carolina’s communities to the world. From there, Wilson led the formation of the North Carolina chapter of the Coalition for Local Internet Choice.


Meeting and eating got the group pretty far, but from the beginning this was always going to be about turning good talk into meaningful action. By December 2016, NC Hearts Gigabit was formed, launching as a project of CLIC-NC and building on the organizing power of the grassroots team of entrepreneurs and techies behind Charlotte Hearts Gigabit – a successful effort that helped Charlotte nab Google Fiber.


Now incorporated as the web-based home for improving access to the Internet for everyone in the state, NC Hearts Gigabit is uniting local vision and know-how to national players and their forward-looking broadband agenda.


The team is made up of local economic developers, technologists, internet service providers, municipal and state government representatives, data analysts, small business owners and employees. Together, the goal is to collectively shape this digital platform and use technology as a bridge to connect people.


We invite you to join us. Local communities are the lifeblood of our state. Let's work together to make sure our friends and neighbors can keep living, working and playing in the places they love by making sure the technology they need – gigabit fiber access – is readily available, affordable and abundant.